It’s been exactly eight days since finishing the Ultimate Reset and all I have to say is wow, it was such a journey! Physically and emotionally. I learned so much about myself and how my body functions/responds to food. I’ll take what I learned and use it all my life, that’s how powerful the experience was for me.

Ultimate Reset results

When I started I weighed in at 184,  (I’m 5′ 8″) was bloated, frustrated, and continuously tired. I struggled getting up in the morning and at about 2pm I felt a huge crash and was completely drained. Often I ended up taking a nap when the kids did. I would wake up crabby and angry at the wasted time.

I jumped into the plant based cleanse January  10, ready to push through the difficulties and challenges I would face over the next 21 days. Because of eating fairly healthy for years, the first week and a half weren’t as bad as I’d thought. I didn’t experience the detox headaches or soreness others had mentioned, and I didn’t feel hungry often because the meals were so nutrient dense that they honestly held me over for several hours. However, the more proteins were reduced and the more it transitioned to completely plant based, the harder it became.

Ultimate Reset results 1

I like fruit in small servings, but having it for breakfast each morning of the last week each was hard. My body felt gross afterwards (my mother has a fruit intolerance and I think I might as well.) An option I found okay was subbing the fruit for vegan chocolate shakeology and that helped SO much. The small dizzy spells I was experiencing were reduced greatly as well having the shake for breakfast.

A typical day started out with supplements combo #1 and a huge glass of mineral water. (the supplement combos changed as your progressed through the three weeks, or phases as they call them.)  30 minutes later it was breakfast, followed two hours later by supplement combo #2. After 30 minutes it was lunch. (There was specific meals to eat each days with recipes and shopping lists all included.) Two hours after lunch was supplement combo #3, followed by an optional afternoon snack. Another two hours later it was the last supplement combo of the day #4. Thirty minutes after that was dinner time. You could have caffeine free tea whenever you liked, as well as over a gallon of water a day! Each week it explained what you should make ahead, make double batches of, and what you could use as substitutions if the meal didn’t sound good. Really it was so perfectly laid out it would be hard to mess up.

Along with the cleanse I also cut out television for all of January and went to town reading! I had books upon books and spent hours pouring over them soaking up information about nutrition, business, and personal development, which was perfect for staying distracted from food by feeding my mind. It worked well!

Ultimate Reset results 2

Overall I truly enjoyed the process. The last few days were the hardest by far! As tough as they were I was also very nervous for it to end. I loved knowing what I was going to eat next and just “doing” it. However I was also anxious to get started on my new healthier eating plan. I realized while following the Reset how many little things I was doing wrong, and while one or two wouldn’t have made a huge difference, lots of little things add up to no results, and that’s I was experiencing. Plus, now that the cleanse has cleaned out my body and made it more efficient I’m excited to see continued progress.

Ultimate Reset results:

Ultimate Reset results 3

Ultimate Reset results 4

Ultimate Reset results 6

I’m still floored with the results! I lost a total of 11 pounds and over 12 inches. A couple pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight, which is a HUGE goal of mine. From there I’ll re-evaluate and decide where to go.

Exactly 8 days later I’m down another .4 pounds. Not a ton, but I’ve shocked my body a lot with picking up the intense workouts again, moving to six meals a day versus the 4 on the cleanse, and really trying to establish a new routine. Can’t wait to see what my challengers and I accomplish this month. It’s going to be big, I can feel it! With January starting out so well it can really only go up from here!

Curious about the cleanse? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! You can also check it out and purchase it here. Then submit the form here to be in my next challenge group. I’ll be there to support and help you through this life changing experience, then get you plugged into a community of likeminded women to help you cement your new lifestyle once you finish! Because going back to what you were doing before will only undo all your hard work, instead use this cleanse to catapult you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!