Being your own boss is empowering.


Girl boss isn’t just a catchy hashtag, it’s a way of life for a growing number of women. Women ready to say no to clocking in and busting their butt for someone else. So many women are seeing the potential of having the internet at their fingertips. They work their side jobs in the mornings, before bed, and on lunch. Until one day something magical happens, and the side job becomes their main  job. And that feeling? It’s priceless. You set your hours, work how and when you want, all while doing what you love. It’s not for the faint of heart, something any small business owner won’t deny. But the reward of being your own boss? (another catchy hashtag) It’s addicting.

Love what you do and don’t feel the need to take coaching full time? You have the option to make this whatever you want. Do it for the discount and help a few people along the way. Whatever your reason, it’s a good enough one to begin.

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Another benefit of joining team Freedom In Fitness? Training!


After you enroll we put you in a 20 day self paced training so you understand how to work the business, what to post to social media, how to talk to potential customers and more. It’s all there and waiting for you.

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