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Hi, I’m Eryn Whalen! Wife and mom of two living in the Pacific Northwest. I love fitness and the freedom taking control of your health allows.


I’ve struggled with yoyo dieting for as long as I can remember. From Weight Watchers to 5 day fasts, I’ve tried it all. But I didn’t address the underlying issues, my unhealthy mental state and food dependence. Binging and starving was a way of life. Also add in a good dose of self loathing. A LOT of it. I struggled with depression that turned into post-partum depression after having my son. When I got pregnant with my daughter I knew that for them, for my husband, for ME, I had to find a way to heal.

Enter in the coaching opportunity. I followed a “coach” who soon became my friend on Instagram. She was changing, body and mind,  and helping others change as well! She offered something I felt was tangible, even through my phone screen: Hope.

I jumped into coaching and everything that came with this opportunity. My depression left and a “me” I wasn’t ever sure I’d ever official met appeared. And I loved her! She felt good in her body, was more present for her family, and was LIVING life!

I’m not where I want to be… YET! But I’m on my way and know it will happen. Because I have the mental resolve and determination to see it through.


If you are struggling with your health, feel like you’ve tried it all and still are waiting on those results, I’m hear to help! It will take dedication and determination, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. Ask me today how we can get you plugged into the perfect program so you can finally start seeing a difference in your health.


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