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Coffee + Protein = Love

Getting in enough protein has always been a struggle for me. As a busy mom, fitness coach, blogger, and runner of the home I simply don’t have enough hours in the day. I’m sure most of you can relate! I meal prep and try to plan ahead as much as possible, but some days it doesn’t happen, or I simply need a little extra protein to meet my quota.

What if it’s possible to have protein in a cup of coffee?

BuzzFit Protein Coffee review. Bold, caffeinated, close to perfection.

Mind blown! I mean, my love for coffee is apparent, as well as my love for this substitute. Some afternoons though, I just need a real cup to keep me going. And if it has protein in it? Well sign me up!

Coffee Tattoo - protein coffee

Let’s be clear here, I don’t believe in drinking all your nutrition each day. I see some people desperate to lose weight and build muscle adding a scoop of protein to almost every meal. Just no you guys. That makes me cringe!

Protien Coffee is Jawsome.

Now, I do drink Shakeology every darn day. But it’s not because of the protein. It’s my holistic, superfood, vitamin shake that keeps my anxiety and depression at bay. It also contains micronutrients, probiotics, helps stimulate the metabolism, as well as repair muscles, among many other things. I’m a firm believer that the soil most of our crops are gown in is damaged and nutrient deprived, so obviously our food is as well. Shakeology is my key to making sure I’m giving my body what it needs to stay at optimal health. Besides the occasional extra scoop of protein here and there, I am mostly eating my nutrition. But you guys, some days it’s tough to remember to eat on time, and eat enough protein. Am I the only one who gets so overly starved that I could inhale a whole pizza? Yes I said whole, and yes, I’ve done it before. #noregrets

Just kidding, I totally regretted it.

Anyhow! When I saw this lovely protein coffee by BuzzFit I was immediately intrigued. It sounded too good to be true. I didn’t have to stay curious long however, because the company was more than willing to let me review it!

BuzzFit Protein Coffee review.

{If you’re wondering, the beautiful hat I’m wearing is made by the talented Ciera, a.k.a Girl Boss, knitter extraordinaire, and CEO of Mountain Love Co. You can check out more of her work here.}

Well, How Does It Taste?!

With a little bit of nervousness I made my first cup. I really wanted to love it but was afraid to be disappointed. I shouldn’t have worried though, because it was yummy and hit the spot! Very bold and rich. I guess I was expecting more of a latte flavor? Not sure why. I do like mine with a little almond milk, and the creaminess of it cuts the boldness a bit. But if you like it strong, as in your coffee black, it will be great. With a touch of almond milk I’m a happy camper. I’ve also added some vanilla to it, a little hazelnut extract as well, and both have been great. You could also make a coffee protein shake! Really you could use it a ton of ways. I also think it would be amazing as an add-in to hot cocoa. Coffee cocoa? Maybe my love for coffee is taking this one a little far, but I’m totally trying it.

BuzzFit Protien Coffee

The container comes with 16 servings. Each serving is 2 Tablespoons and contains 10 grams of protein, 2 carbs, 0.5 of fat, and rings in at 60 calories. The ingredients are simply whey protein and Colombian coffee.

I’ll be keeping this as a staple for those days mama is lacking in protein and patience, and needs a warm cup to keep her upright. 😉

Want to try it for yourself? Amazon is here to help!

Ready to get serious about your health and fitness or have questions about Shakeology?

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