I believe that wellness starts at home. That our health is made up of our daily actions.


I believe in running, babies, dreaming big, and having a good cry every now and again. I believe that the sum of our everyday routine shows our hopes and dreams. That how we move, interact, treat others is a direct reflection of our health, mental and physical.


I believe we rely on doctors and “healthcare” too much and not enough on our own intuition. We have been told not to trust our gut but instead run in fear to someone with a medical degree. And while doctors and tests and healthcare do have a rightful place and order in our society, they are overused.

I believe we need to do our homework, and be knowledgeable in our health. We need to be preventative with proper fitness and nutrition. We also need to know how to deal with mental health, because too many are suffering from depression and anxiety, quietly in pain with a disease they can’t explain to those who haven’t experienced it first hand.

I believe we need to know how to slow a fever, ease a cold, reduce the pain of a hard day of work without medications. We need to feel empowered with knowledge that we can tend to our health, and not rely on an outside source to make ourselves better.

I believe in happiness, personal development, and love. In reading in a soft armchair with warm coffee by my side. I trust in rainbows after a storm. I have faith in a heavenly father and loving God, who rescued my soul. I believe in miracles and hope.


I believe in giving you value, and offering help and information to grow you into the person that deep down inside you want to be. And while I can’t do it for you, I can share the journey, and my experience. Because having someone to travel with makes the trip more beautiful.

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