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Three Easy Versions Of A Satisfying Side Dish

Sometimes I forget (or simply don’t want) to make a side dish for dinner. If I make sloppy joes or some sort of casserole I throw in as many hidden veggies as possible. (My favorites to add to sloppy joes are minced onions and grated carrots, they can never tell!) All-in-one dishes are my fave. For making and for cleaning up after. Sometimes though, you need to balance out your main dish with a side. I’ve perfected a few that are super yummy, easy, and take almost no time to throw together.

side dish, savory, easy sides, veggies

I ate A LOT of veggies when I did my plant based cleanse last January. I learned several simple ways to incorporate more of them into my daily routine. It’s been great since I can always tell my energy levels are up when I make sure to eat enough vegetables. They also make perfect sides to dinner in place of breads or mixing it up from a typical salad.

You can do this side three different ways! (really the versions are endless, you could easily create your own!)

Side Dish #1

Each version of the veggie dish only gets three additional ingredients. Olive oil, salt, and pepper.

olive oil, black pepper, real salt, salt, veggie dish

This one is simple: baby carrots, small yellow onion, and brussels sprouts.

side dish, vegetables, veggies, carrots, onions , sides

You’re going to leave the baby carrots in one piece, slice the brussels sprouts into thirds, and cut the onion on the thicker side. Place on baking sheet and toss with a small amount of olive oil, salt, and pepper. That’s it!

Roasted veggies, brussels sprouts, onions, carrots

Place in oven at 350 for 45 minutes or until carrots are soft. Serve warm.

carrots, roasted vegetables, brussels sprouts, onions

Side Dish #2

This dish simply omits the brussels sprouts and adds in a sweet potato and beets!

sweet potato, onion, beets, carrots

Peel potato and beets. Toss again in olive oil with salt and pepper, bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until potato wedges are soft.

beets, yams, sweet potatoes, onions

Serve warm. Extras from each version can be placed in the fridge and eaten the next day. I do that a lot!

roots, yam, beets, onion,

Side Dish #3

This version has red potatoes (kids seems to like these best) brussels sprouts, onion, carrots, and beets. Pretty much the who shebang! Play around with it though and add/omit whatever you like!

red potatoes, brussels sprouts, beets, carrots,

I usually add extra potatoes in this one and after it’s cooked I’ll take those out and place them a bowl with ketchup for the kids and it’s basically fries.

How simple is that?! I’m sure you have everything in your fridge to make one of these side dishes tonight. Another version I like is simply carrots and an onion.

Let me know what you think, or if you have a similar side dish I should try out next!

It’s Time for Spring Fashion! JORD Wood Watch Review & Giveaway!

Spring tricks me every. single. year. It feels like perpetual winter and suddenly one morning I wake up and walk to the window in my flannel jammies and winter slippers to peek through the curtains and BAM, spring! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shinning, and I squint my eyes wondering how the heck it happened.  With the sudden surprise of warmer weather comes the sifting through my wardrobe, in search of anything light and airy to mimic the welcome new season. It’s a fun time of year to go shopping for clothes and accessories. And if you’re into accessories, I have a unique wood watch that might become your newest favorite! It’s definitely mine!

(Make sure to read to the end and enter the giveaway!)

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

When JORD first contacted me I read the email and literally sat back and scratched my head wondering what the heck such a cool company would want to work with this hot mess. I’m not going to lie, most days I live in athletic gear and never leave my house. The glamorous life of a online health & fitness coach/blogger/full time mom. (Glamor what?!?) Anyhow, once I accepted the fact that yes, indeed they had meant to contact me, I was fully on board! I LOVE watches. Those of you who are newer followers may not know, but I worked in fine jewelry around pretty watches, diamonds, and golds of all colors for over five years, and once you work with those beautiful pieces, you become a bit of a jewelry snob. Even I can’t afford my tastes in jewelry. #truestory

JORD had me print off a wrist measure chart and after filling out the appropriate info the watch was on it’s way.

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

I was super impressed with how it was packaged and the box and accessories it came with. I’ve worked with a few high end watch companies in my day and JORD is top notch in their quality.

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

First Impressions

The watch came in a wooden box that was magnetized to help keep it closed. It also had a little drawer in the bottom to keep the tube of preserve, the cleaning cloth that was included, as well as the extra link they sent. The attention to detail was refreshing. It also had an instruction and care booklet on how to keep the wood looking good for years to come. Being wood, the watches can come into contact with normal sink activities and rain, but should not be worn showering, swimming, or diving.

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

I was a little hesitant about the scratching that is bound to occur with wood, but the preserve keeps it looking good, even if and when it gets a little scratched. And honestly it just adds personality to the watch. Working with watches made of all different kinds of metals: titanium, tungsten, gold, and stainless steal, they all scratch over time, with the exception of tungsten, which has very minimal wear marks. I was also impressed that they use a mineral crystal for the face instead of just glass, which is a nice touch as it’s a lot harder to scratch.

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

Wood Watch Week In Review

I wanted to give it a solid week of wear before this post, so I could give my honest opinion.

JORD Wood Watches. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

Watches Made From Wood

I wore it shopping, around the house, to my moms, and on date night. I hit it good a few times and gasped, thinking for sure I cut the crystal, but each time proved me wrong. It’s still holding strong and looking brand new. Another nice touch I noticed while looking it over today was that the back is carved the date it was made. Mine was 10/20/16 and is from St. Louis!

Another thing I noticed while wearing it consistently for a week, it goes with EVERYTHING! I picked this one. It’s made with zebra wood and literally looks perfect with almost every outfit. It’s also super light, much lighter than most watches, so much so it’s easy to forget I’m even wearing it. You can shop the whole women’s collection here.

Try on a JORD Wood Watch. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

And if you have a special guy in your life that loves watches, (Travis was SUPER jealous, he has a small addiction himself. Maybe I know his Fathers Day gift already.) make sure to check out the men’s selection. There are some cool ones!

Try on a JORD Wood Watch. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

Outfit details:

My JORD wood watch: Shop here

Shirt: Stitch Fix

Jeans: BKE

Shoes: JustFab

Have I convinced you yet you absolutely need one? How about a giveaway to make it even better!!!

Try on a JORD Wood Watch. The perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit this spring.

~ Contest Info ~ 
I’m super excited for this contest and I hope you are too!
The winner will receive a $100 e-gift code to the JORD site to go towards your own wood watch!
All other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest. 
Contest ends at 11:59 CST 4/23/17 and both gift codes expire 06/25/17

Thank you JORD for giving me the pleasure of reviewing your watch! I was impressed!

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